Meeting on November 18, 2013 at Café de l'Echelle

By Antonio Meza, General Evaluator of the Meeting



In the absence of the Club President Antonio Meza, who was on his way from Charles de Gaulle airport having flown back from Budapest, Vice President for Education Nicolas Stricher opened the meeting.


Nicolas congratulated Marc Yoshikawa for winning second prize in the District 59 Humorous Speech Contest the previous Saturday, November 16 in Budapest.


We were very grateful for Rose Marie Burke for her good job as Toastmaster of the Evening. She proposed Thanksgiving as the theme of the evening and asked some members what they were grateful for.


Here are a couple of examples. David Logan is grateful that his wife didn’t marry him (only) for his looks! Ed Cameron is grateful for oversized quads (that help him run very fast). Jean Delaunay is thankful for “all people who have bestowed on him the treasure of their love and joy” while Karine Nzeutem is grateful that macaroons exist. 


Marc Yoshikawa presented a toast to congratulate the club for being so supportive. He then symbolically presented his award to the club, saying that this award belongs to the club as well. Well done Marc on your great achievement!


The word of the evening was Gratitude.


Prepared Speeches

We had one educational session and two prepared speeches. 


We are grateful to Nicolas Stricher because he offered an educational session about the Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program (DCP). It is great to have a session like this from time to time so that new members and guests get more acquainted with the goals of a club and how we measure our progress. Find out more about the program on the Toastmasters International website.


And then we were transported into Fairytales Land! 

First, with David Logan since he prepared a speech from an advanced manual entitled,  “The Queen and her Uncle”; and then with Jean Delaunay who offered a speech entitled “The King and the Beggar Maid”. 


David is now working on his Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) and Jean on his Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS). Well done guys! 


Table Topics

We are also grateful with Ed Cameron for preparing table topics related to the Thanksgiving tradition in the US which is being celebrated on Thursday, November 28. 


Ed called upon many of our guests - Jay Bezavada, Fabian Nieber, Kristin Sax-Jansen, Colleen Fortier and José Nogueira – to give their short impromptu speeches.


Some of our guests might become members soon. We hope that they do!




We had two evaluations. Karine Nzeutem evaluated David’s speech while Kim Demail evaluated Jean’s speech. They both paid close attention to the speakers and offered motivation to continue working on telling great stories. 


Antonio Meza did the general evaluation of the meeting. He spoke about the venue which was quieter this time. He offered a tip to the evaluators Karine and Kim: get into the universe of the speech and use that language to give feedback so that it resonates more with the speaker.


He mentioned how the District Conference in Budapest passed and that we are very proud to have been represented by seven of our members: Marc Yoshikawa, Bob Mohl, Elisabeth Dancet, Antonio Meza, Peter Kenton, Carol Bausor and Sean Ryan. Go Speech Masters! 


Ribbon Winners

Our ribbon winners of the evening were: 

- Best Table Topics: Fabian Nieber

- Best Evaluator: Karine Nzeutem

- Best Speech: Jean Delaunay


As usual, we closed with the comments from our 12 guests, which were very positive. 


Next Meeting

Monday evening, December 2, 2013 at Café de l’Echelle.

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