Meeting on December 2, 2013 at Café de l'Echelle

By Marc Yoshikawa, General Evaluator of the Meeting

Club President Antonio Meza opened the meeting with welcoming remarks and a delightful smile. He also served as the Toastmaster of the evening with the theme “Closing Cycles”. The toast was made by Bob Mohl and his dynamic and rhythmical joke was electric. The word of the day was “Discombobulated” and presented by Ed Cameron in a combobulated manner. Carol Bausor’s speech tip was to have an easy to follow logical structure and to remember to connect with the ground.

Prepared Speeches
Karolin Krüger’s speech (number 4 How To Say It from the Competent Communication Manual) was titled "Colour Box" and she spoke about her trip to India that full of discoveries and a colourful experience.

In her speech "Learn Forward!" Rose Marie Burke talked about ski lessons. When she followed her husband she found herself skiing smoothly despite years of struggling to ski well. The key was to learn to go forward sometimes without thinking too much.

Visiting from the Côte d’Azur Toastmasters Club was Leo Rocha. He introduced a new way to learn from one another by using the Internet. With his innovative tool called Annotat he described how to get feedback on speeches from other Toastmasters and clubs.

Table Topics
Karine Nzeutem was the Table Topics Master and her chosen topics were in Latin. Bob Mohl (In Vino Veritas) regaled wit and humour about his Latin teacher from high school. Matt Allanby, Toastmaster visiting from Australia, answered his teacher’s story in Paris with dynamic gestures and animated facial expressions. Instead of speaking about Carp Diem Albena Gadjanova spoke about the Russian equivalent kameradi Nikolov when going down memory lane about her maths teacher. She gave a descriptive and dynamic delivery. Ed Cameron gave a lively and vibrant impromptu speech about his love of sports.

In her evaluation Carol Bausor mentioned the importance of determining the speech title. She praised the keenly-crafted draft and fine metaphors. She suggested that the speaker work with a mentor and connect between the stories in the speech.

David Logan commented on Rose’s good body language and well-crafted message centric draft. The suggestions were that the speaker had things in her body or under the skin so try not to make frequent references to the draft, and in delivery, try to be in the moment in order to show us and even take us to the scene.

Elizabeth Dancet’s comments were both analytical and comprehensive. She mentioned the speaker's well prepared video, animated facial expressions and gestures. She also pointed out that for this particular project of Your Body Speaks perhaps it would be even more suitable for another project, number 7 Research Your Topic.

Ribbon Winners
Best Table Topics Speaker: Matt Allanby

Best Evaluator: Carol Bausor

Best Speaker: Rose Marie Burke


Next Meeting

Our Christmas party will be at 19h30 on Monday, December 16, 2013 in Café du Pont Neuf, 14 Quai du Louvre, 75001 Paris.

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