Meeting on January 20, 2014 at Chez Clément (St Michel)

By Nicolas Stricher, General Evaluator

Our President, Antonio Meza, welcomed two new members to the club: Longy Agoha and Albena Gadjanova (Efremova).

Longy used to be a member of Toastmasters of Paris but he finds that because Paris Speech Masters finishes earlier in the evening he can travel home to Chartres at a reasonable time. Albena is also an experienced Toastmaster and was previously a member of the OECD club.


Our Toastmaster of the Evening, Bob Mohl, introduced the theme “Emotions” which he chose based on the prepared speeches of the evening. Throughout the meeting he took the time to explain each role.

Wordmaster June Allen introduced the word of the day “Fervid” which is an adjective meaning intensely enthusiastic or passionate, especially to an excessive degree. It also means hot, burning or glowing. The word stems from the Latin fervidus, from fervere ‘to boil’. The word was said by many members and guests throughout the evening.

VP for Education Nicolas Stricher gave an educational tip on the benefits of using examples in speeches, evaluations and in a professional environment.
Once we had our drinks Peter Kenton gave a Toast and a very creative joke.

Prepared Speeches
Karolin Krüger delivered a speech based on project 5 in the Competent Communication Manual: “Your body speaks”. Entitled “Stereotypes help us understand cultural differences” she talked about her favourite cultural dimensions based on the book of Geert Hofstede, Cultures and Organisations – Software of the Mind. She illustrated the dimension of collectivism versus individualism with the example of her first meeting of a large Indian family during a recent trip to India. She used the centralization in France to show the high degree of Power Distance of the French culture. And finally, Karolin shared her enthusiasm for the concept of the cultural relativism that creates a judgment-free space.


Karolin’s speech was evaluated by Peter Kenton.

Jean Delaunay’s speech “Unrequired Love” was based on the Storytelling advanced manual project 4: “The touching story”. He gave a story of a young man, shy and clumsy, whose first experience of real love remains unrequited. After feverishly courting a fine young woman, she tells him that she has a fiancé.

He was evaluated by Antonio Meza.

In her speech “Sam and Uncle Jack” Elisabeth Dancet was also doing speech number 4, “The touching story” from the Storytelling advanced manual. She recounted the relationship between her unclde and dog Sam. Her uncle was a child when he got Sam as a puppy. The story happened during the war when Sam actually saved her uncle’s life. The bond grew even stronger and lasted until Sam’s death.


She was evaluated by Marc Yoshikawa.


We then had a short dinner break.

Table Topics
David Logan was the Table Topics Master and used the theme of the evening asking members and guests about emotions.

  • Longy (member) talked about Love
  • Albena (member) about Joy
  • Anna (guest) about Anger
  • Karim (guest) about Hate
  • Cyrille (guest) about Fear
  • Antonio (member) about Embarrassment


We then had a second dinner break.

June Allen provided interesting grammarian feedback as she is an English teacher. Anna Mandell, a guest from Toastmasters in Boston, provided the timer report. Nicolas Stricher provided the General Evaluation report and asked the audience for suggestions on how we can make the best use of this new venue.


Ribbon Awards

  • Best evaluation: Peter Kenton
  • Best table topics: Anna Mandell
  • Best speaker: Elisabeth Dancet


Next Meeting

Our next club meeting will be on February 3, 2014 and will take place at Chez Clément, 9, rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris.

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