Meeting on February 3, 2014 at Chez Clément (St Michel)

By Sean Ryan, General Evaluator

The President Antonio Meza opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to our new venue, Chez Clément. Discussions have been had with the management to have a formula that comes to a maximum of 20 euros. He then invited guests to tell us why they decided to come to this evening’s meeting.

Jean Delaunay, Toastmaster of the Evening, introduced the theme of the evening: Chinese New Year or the Year of the Horse. Jean began with a joke. A Chinese man was walking down a London street with his English friend. “See all those flags it makes me proud of my country,” he said. “But you are Chinese,” his friend replied, “the flags are British”. The Chinese friend then said: “But take a look at the labels that say Made in China.”

Albena Gadjanova gave her joke of the evening: “The famous filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was in his kitchen where his wife was preparing a cheese soufflé. She put the cheese soufflé in an oven and Hitchcock couldn’t see what was going on inside. He was very worried and often asked his wife, “What is going on there? I cannot see anything.” He whispered as he was afraid that if he spoke too loudly then something wrong might happen. Fourty-five minutes late his wife opened door of the oven. She took out a perfect cheese soufflé. By this time Hitchcock was exhausted and could hardly breathe. “Listen, my dear, next time when you are going to bake another cheese soufflé please have a glass door on the oven. I cannot support the suspense!”

David Logan noted that the theme of the evening Chinese New Year and Year of the Horse was quite a challenge. He proposed “bridle” as the word of the evening. The word means to restrain and to guide in different situations.


In her Speech Tip of the Evening Carol Bausor, Assistant VP Education for leadership, explained the importance of the leadership stream and that is runs in parallel to the communications stream and not afterwards. She reminded all members that they should bring the manual to each meeting so that they can get it signed for the role that they do during the meeting.


Prepared Speeches
New member Longy Agoha gave his first speech at Paris Speech Masters but the fourth one of the Competent Communication Manual: How to Say It. In his speech “How I Wish” he spoke about growing up in his home country when he won a class competition to recite a poem at his primary school. He had no Toastmasters at that time when he had a mental blank and forgot to recite the words in front of the whole school assembly.

In his fifth speech of the Competent Communication Manual Ed Cameron used his body movements to explain the rules of cricket. Hailing from Australia where cricket is a national sport Ed was able to go through all the basis of the sport while at the same time demonstrating the different moves of the various players.

Carol Bausor, in the first project in the manual Interpretative Reading read us a story about a dinner party that she was at with friends in England. An outlandish betting game ensued between the host and one of the guests about what type of wine was being served.


Table Topics
Karolin Krüger led the Table Topics part of the meeting focusing on the theme of the evening. She had asked each speaker what their year of birth was so as to determine which animal they could speak about:
Fabian (guest): Monkey
Albena (member): Pig
Mark (guest): Ox
Bob (member): Horse


Benoît Sarazin evaluated Longy Agoha’s speech. He complimented Longy on his personal story. There were pauses, gestures and suspense. The stage was used effectively. Benoît said that for improvements that Longy could remove duplications. Second, the introduction could have been shortened and the audience more involved. Emphasize the number of people who were in the school assembly waiting to hear Longy recite his poem.

Marc Yoshikawa evaluated Ed Cameron’s speech. He said that the project objectives were achieved. It must have been a biggest challenge to explain cricket in such short time. Ed was very natural in his movements and used eye contact. Marc made two suggestions for improvement. He was time constrained but could have used some pauses to enable the audience to take in what Ed said. And, a second point for Ed to use some personal stories and how Ed enjoyed playing cricket.


In his evaluation of Carol Bausor’s interpretative reading Bob Mohl gave the following evaluation. He thought that the story was fantastic and a good choice. He was completely engaged and that Carol had done a good job in engaging the audience. He said that she could choose wisely to do the reading in less time and use more voices differently.

Sean Ryan began his general evaluation by saying xie xie (thank you) and ni hao (hello). He used two elements of China to structure his evaluation: myths and characters.

Our Toastmaster myths:
Our meetings should start on time
We should be energetic during our meetings
We need to bring our leadership manuals to meetings
We tell stories in our meetings


Characters (people not written characters):
We had the Hitchcock joke of the evening
We had animal characters: horse, monkey, ox, pig
We also had meeting roles for Timekeeper, Word of the Evening
In his final remarks Sean said Kung hei fat choy (Happy New Year in Chinese)


Ribbon Awards
Best Table Topics: Fabian Nieber
Best Evaluator: Bob Mohl
Best Speaker: Ed Cameron


Next Meeting
Our next club meeting will be on February 17, 2014 and will take place at Chez Clément, 9, rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris.

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