Meeting on March 3, 2014 in Chez Clément (St Michel)

By Antonio Meza, General Evaluator

Sean Ryan was our Toastmaster of the Evening with the theme of Mardi Gras, the "Fat Tuesday". Twenty-two people attended the session with 13 members, guests and VIP guests: Danaë Margerit (Area N2 Governor who is based in Toulouse) and Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson (Assistant Division N Governor Education & Training and Immediate Past President of the TM75 club in Paris).


Jean Delaunay, our Wordmaster of the Evening proposed the word of the day "recondite" which means "incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge". 


Even if we still need to improve coordination with the restaurant, everybody helped to make the evening as smooth as possible. Thanks for your participation!


Peter Kenton amused us with his joke. "Madame, we are afraid to report that we have confused your husband's medical analysis and we don't know if he has HIV or Alzheimer's. So we suggest that you drive with him and leave him in a place far from home. If he comes back, then don't sleep with him!”


Jill Jacquot participated remotely with the speech tip of the day. She sent her speech tip and Antonio Meza presented it. Try to avoid the use of superlatives like always, never, get rid of, absolutely, ever... Instead, Jill proposes to soften the use of superlatives by using conditionals such as ‘I believe’, ‘in my opinion’, or ‘some times’.


Prepared Speeches
June Allen delivered her Icebreaker entitled Speechless. She shared with us her path as a visual artist, how did she got there, what has she been doing and what is doing now.
Heli Aru offered a speech that she will use in her professional life to describe the education policies in Estonia: ‘The challenges of making change happen’.


David Logan offered a tale charged with wisdom: "The great commander and the little slave girl".


As usual, we had great evaluations!

Rose Marie Burke evaluated June's speech in a kind and paused manner in a very connected way with the speaker and with the audience.


Benoît Sarazin evaluated Heli's speech with very concrete suggestions on what to do better next time.


Carol Bausor showed us again that an evaluation is also an opportunity to craft a speech within the universe of the evaluated speaker. She offered the whole group a gift with her style and pertinent feedback.


Table Topics
Our Table Topics Master Marc Yoshikawa prepared themes related to the evening's topic of Mardi Gras.
Anna Mandel spoke about the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.


Fabien Nieber chose the color gold of power over purple and green.


Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson remembered the austerity of Ash Wednesday and the joys of the carnival.


Ribbon Winners
And the winners of the evening were:
Best Table Topic: Fabian Nieber and Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson
Best Evaluator: Carol Bausor
Best Speaker: David Logan


Next Meeting

We hope to see you in our next session on March 17 for our spring speech contests: International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest at Chez Clément, 9, place St André des Arts, 75006 Paris.




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