Meeting on October 20, 2014, chez Clément (St Michel)

By Albena Gadjanova, Vice President, Public Relations

Mark Yoshikawa, Club President, welcomed members and the 10 guests to the meeting and called upon Bob Mohl to be the Toastmaster of the Evening who announced the theme of the evening “Milestones: Toastmasters Turns 90”.

Toast of the Evening
The toast of Albena Gadjanova was for the 90th anniversary of Toastmasters, created in 1924, October 22, in Santa Ana California, by a group of men led by Dr Ralph Smedley who gathered in the basement of YMCA (the Young Men's Christian Association) to practice their speeches. That evening only a few people showed up. Nowadays there are more than 300 000 men and women in 126 countries who continue to meet, speak, learn and grow. 

Word of the Evening
Jean Delaunay chose “tried-and-true"” as the word of the evening which means "proved good, desirable, feasible".

Speech Tip
Mark Yoshikawa pointed out the importance of knowing oneself and learning by imitating. To improve your speaking skills, record your voice and look at yourself in the mirror, he said.

Prepared Speeches
Antonio Meza
’s speech "Darling, we need to talk" (Project 3 of the Advanced Communication Manual: Storytelling) was about Armando, a single young man in Paris who fells in love and gets married. He soon starts learning about the ups and downs of married life when his wife says "Darling, we need to talk". But paying attention to the wisdom of animated movies, he rediscovers his capacity for communication, opening his mind to support his wife while getting into a new "diet". Little did he know, the new "diet" will be an adventure to discover wonderful new ingredients of French cuisine. Armando learns that "a happy wife... can mean a happy life".

Our VP Education, Sean Ryan, is working on the Public Relations advanced communication manual. In his speech entitled Smell Me he sought to used some persuasive approaches to convince the audience to understand and use their body odours so that they could be more influential and powerful; and be more attractive and sexy. He proposed a new advanced manual: Advanced Body Odor Manual or ABOM!!

He began with a quote from the British-American poet, W.H. Auden: "A man has his distinctive personal scent which is wife, children and his dog recognise. A crowd has a generalised stink. The public is odourless." He asked the audience to smell their neighbour to find out. Using both humorous and persuasive techniques he encouraged everyone to adopt five projects: be aware of your own body odours, get feedback from others, get comfortable with personal hygiene, eat appropriate foods and research fragrances that suit your body odour. He concluded by saying that he was wearing Obsession from Calvin Klein with its powerful sensuality. He invited everyone to say the words of the rappers LMFAO: "I'm sexy and I know it."

They had just thrown my mother through her bedroom window! With these shattering words David Logan opened his dramatic  speech as Project 4 of the Advanced Communication Manual: The Entertaining Speaker. He vividly described the events of one terrible night over fifty years ago in London. It was a childhood nightmare. 

Table Topics
Ash Brown led a session on impromptu speaking, related to the 90th anniversary of Toastmasters, and called upon 
Fabian Nieber who spoke about Felix ash can, Albena Gadjanova about proposing a marriage, Richard about the most memorable anniversary, Julian about the next milestone PhD, Peter Kenton about women voting, Mark Yoshikawa about Dr Ralph Smedley best moment and Marc Finneran about TM and sports.


Speech Evaluations

Rose Marie Burke complimented Antonio on his talent as a storyteller and found that he was particularly inspired by his personal experience and recent mariage. In his evaluation of Sean's speech, Fabian Nieber underlined the importance of the three blocs of persuasion: logic, emotion and self-interest. He regretted the lack of data evidence, images and examples. Peter Kenton congratulated David Logan on his very successful dramatic speech.


General Evaluation

Mark Finneran was particularly attentive to audience's feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Ribbon Winners
Best Table Topics: Fabian Nieber
Best Evaluator: Fabian Nieber
Best Speaker: David Logan



Concluding Remarks
The Club President Mark Yoshikawa thanked everyone for such an enjoyable evening and especially the Toastmaster of the Evening Bob Mohl.

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