Meeting on September 1, 2014, chez Clément

By Albena Gadjanova, Vice President, Public Relations

Mark Yoshikawa, Club President, welcomed members and the 2 guests to the meeting: Shelly MulonArea 4 Governor, and Pankaj Pradhananga from Toastmasters in Kathmandou, Nepal. He invited Shelly to the lectern to present last Toastmasters novelties. Shelly announced the following:

  • the theme of the year is “Share and Support”
  • the Area humorous speech and evaluations contest will be on October 18
  • the Division contest will be held on November 15
  • the District contest will be held in Lyon on November 15
  • International Spring contest will be on March 21, 2015
  • Officers’ training will be in June 2015.

Shelly called upon our support to the Val de Marne Toastmasters Club. She also expressed  her hope to see every club having a Membership evening to bring more guests to become members.

After Shelly left the lectern, Mark Yoshikawa called upon Sean Ryan to be the Toastmaster of the Evening.

Joyfully, Sean Ryan announced the theme of the evening “Back to school” calling the toastmasters present “Boys and Girls!” which certainly took away several years from our whitening heads.

Toast of the Evening
The toast of Ash Brown was for the teachers who inspired us at school.

Word of the Evening
Sean Ryan chose “Catalyst” as the word of the evening.

Speech Tip
Rose Marie Burk
pointed out the bad habit to say “Thank you” at the end of a speech and adviced to try to avoid doing so. In the CC manual on icebreaker speech it is clearly stated : “Try not to say thank you!”. Rose said, that this “thank you” habit reminded her of “The End” or “Fin” of the old movies while movies nowadays show the end but do not write it on the screen. In conclusion, she said that at the end of a speech, one should acknowledge the toastmaster, shake hands and… enjoy the applause.

Prepared Speeches
David Logan
’s speech “Look before you eat!”, project n°2 from the advanced manual “The Entertaining Speaker”, was dedicated to our food, quoting a multitude of personalities such as La Fontaine, Reagan, Obama, Thatcher and Einstein, concluding that we should go back to school and do a research about what we eat.

How to expand our comfort zone? Mark Finneran found out that there are 3 easy steps to do so, which he revealed in his speech “Expanding Your Comfort Zone”, project n°3 from the CC manual. How? Accept the risk of looking like an idiot; take tiny, baby steps to push your limits and when you are out of your comfort zone , relax!

Peter Kenton’s speech “O tempora! O mores!” was about the social, health and financial impact of… changing sex. He concluded : Carpe diem! Live it as it comes.

Table Topics
Jean Delaunay led a session on impromptu speaking and asked a series of questions:

·         Shelly Mulon said she never feels weary during holidays.

·         Ash Brown said that she felt happy going back to school because thus she was meeting people and could compare her pencil box to those of other kids.

·         Peter Kenton spoke about the way he could immediately guess which teacher he could admire.

·         Albena Gadjanova spoke about the way she could treat a teacher she hated.


Speech Evaluations

Shelly Mulon complimented David on the clear message, the great start and ending of his speech, vocal variety and body language. She recommended to use some probs, for example, while speaking about La Fontaine’s fable “The fox and the crow”, he could use “some cheese”. She underlined the importance of the eye contact and the personal stories that provoke emotions.

In his evaluation, Mark Yoshikawa underlined the excellent job of Marc on the question “How” to cope with our limits. He said that Mark could improve his speech by telling a story, a kind of a saga about how to overcome nervous situations, juxtaposing small steps to giant leaps. He suggested that Mark should avoid saying often “OK” and all the filler words (uuh etc.)

Pankaj Pradhananga congratulated Peter on his speech, relating an anecdote about Mahatma Gandi.

General Evaluation

Albena Gadjanova pointed out the excellent job of Sean Ryan as Toastmaster, his contagious good humor and usage of original probs: sun glasses and casquette.

A suggestion: for more comfort for the speakers, put the word of the day at 2 places: on the lantern and on the wall facing it.

Ribbon Winners
Our winners of the evening were:
Best Table Topics: Ash Brown
Best Evaluator: Sheley..
Best Speaker: Mark Finneran

Concluding Remarks
The Club President Mark Yoshikawa thanked everyone for such an enjoyable evening and especially the Toastmaster of the Evening Sean Ryan.


Next Meeting
Our next club meeting will take place on Monday evening, September 15, 2014 in Chez Clément, 9 place Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris