Juan Pablo Chaclan, CC, CL

Club President


Juan Pablo is guatemalan by birth and global citizen by choice. He moved to Paris five years ago. He is a Business Solutions Engineer who believes that technology has to adapt to business and not the other way around. He enjoys listening to people's stories and he loves traveling and meeting people. Juan Pablo visited Paris Speech Master by curiosity in 2014, he loved the atmosphere and decided to join the club in February 2015. Since that day, he has been engaged with the Toastmasters Community in France and Europe. Currently, he is working to create the first Toastmasters club in his home country, Guatemala.


As President, his role is to ...


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Hilary Noris

Vice President Membership



Anusha Sakkari

Vice President Pathways




Rose-Marie Burke

Immediate Past President

 I joined Paris Speech Masters in Fall of 2016, after visiting several times and being impressed by the shared enthusiasm, individual & group responsibility, and overall effectiveness of their meetings. My interests, background, and work in Communication, Education, Psychology, Somatics, & Ethics continue to find a fertile home in this Club. I completed the Competent Communication Manual in my first year, thanks to the support of our Club; this year I am the Immédiate Past President.

Amy Cresap

Vice President Membership

Veronique Lecompte

Vice President Public Relations


Jessica Dos Santos

Sergeant At Arms

Nigel Purcell


Camilo Forero Sierra



Toastmasters acronyms:


CC = Competent Communicator

ACB = Advanced Communicator Bronze

ACS = Advanced Communicator Silver

ACG = Advanced Communicator Gold


CL = Competent Leader

ALB = Advanced Leader Bronze

ALS = Advanced Leader Silver

DTM = Distinguished Toastmaster