Do you want to learn how to effectively formulate, express and sell your ideas with confidence ? Do you want to improve your communication and leadership skill ?


Paris Speech Masters and Toastmaster Les Ailes are happy to invite you to let your imagination run wild at the Division A Spring Conference. This conference will include French, Dutch Speech Contest and the International Speech Contest in English along with the Evaluation Contest in English, French and Dutch. Only the first contest winners from Areas A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 are eligible to compete in the contest.



The Division A Spring Conference brings together the best talent from 28 Toastmasters clubs in a single event. In addition to the contests, the conference also includes special training workshops. We promise that the conference will make a positive change in you. Here are some more reasons to experience the conference. 

  • Learn and laugh with the best speakers
  • Get inspired and let your imagination run wild!
  • Network with fellow Toastmasters
  • Improve your bilingual skills
  • Follow the winners to the European level at the District 59 conference in Marseilles

AGENDA - April, 6th - 2019




8h – Registration, coffee, judge’s briefing

9h – Welcome, speech and/or theme song?

9h15h – Speech contest 1 (Forum); speech contests 5, 6 (Tournesol)

10h – break (Hallway)

10h15 – Speech contest 2;

11h00 – Speech contest 3

11h45 – Lunch (Tournesol)

12h30 – Speech contest 4

13h15 – workshops 1 (Lisa, Forum) and workshop 2 (Edward, Tournesol)

14h15 -- BREAK -- Hallway (corridor)

14h30 – Workshop 3 (Susanne, Forum) and Human Bingo (Tournesol)

15h30 – Trophies, closing remarks, recognition of volunteers, song finale, group photo


16h – END -- Happy hour at Argentiers https://goo.gl/maps/XaTTH3RWB2K2


RESERVATION Informations

Paroisse Saint-Eloi 
3 place Maurice de Fontenay
75012 Paris
Metro 8
Bus 46: Montgallet


Conference Chair

Rose Marie BURKE Immediate Past President

Paris Speech Masters

Communications Manager


Vice-President Public Relations

Paris Speech Masters

Workshop Coordinator


Paris Speech Masters

Logistics Manager

Dorvale LINE

Paris Speech Masters


 Veronique CHOQUET 

Toastmasters Les Ailes

Veronique CHOQUET 

Toastmasters Les Ailes

Co-Conference Treasure


Toastmasters Les Ailes

Conference Treasurer


Toastmasters Les Ailes

Audio Systems Manager


The Europeans


Nicholas HARDY

Area 4 Director

Camille COLNE

Area 5 Director

Juan Pablo CHACLAN


Paris Speech Masters



Toastmaster Les Ailes



Vice-President Mentoring

Paris Speech Masters


Vice-President Education

Toastmasters 75

Alain Meric

Division A Director





 Lisa Anselmo with "Finding Your Authentic Voice"

Do you want to find your own unique and undeniable place in the world of TED talks and thought leaders ? Lisa Anselmo, author of "My (Part-Time) Paris Life", trained opera singer, and former magazine exec—pitch master will present in our Conference the workshop "Finding Your Authentic Voice"

You know you have something worth speaking about, but how do you make it memorable and compelling? You are your message. People, not unlike brands, need to define their core mission, a passion point that resonates and sets them apart. Whether you have a TEDx in your sights, or need to make an important pitch, this workshop will help you find the heart and soul of your message, a fresh point-of-view that only you can bring to your topic and one that truly connects with your unique audience. You do have a place among today’s thought leaders; you just need to discover your authentic voice. We'll unlock how together.


Edward'workshop "Full Contact Communication"


Edward is a long time martial artist. Tai Chi called him to the Republic of China after finishing a biology degree at the end of the 1980s. During his years there he learned a number of Chinese martial arts, and have added to his understanding in the decades since. Edward was a co founder of NLP School Europe which provides personal development training to individuals and businesses. Now Edward has a small teaching practice and focus on writing.


Full Contact Communication 


We will use simple exercises from martial arts to build centred confidence and presence. These exercises involve posture, body awareness and outside forces, provided by partners. The result will be a set of tools to help prepare for presentations, or for throwing people to the ground. Despite the title no violence is involved and no speakers will be harmed during the seminar. 

Susanne Kischnick'workshop in French "Osez faire la promotion de votre talent d'orateur" 

Vous en avez assez de voir toujours les mêmes orateurs présenter des ateliers aux conférences? Vous pensez pouvoir faire mieux mais vous ne savez pas comment postuler? Je vous apprendrais à saisir votre chance. Ensemble nous allons parler de vos ambitions et de vous doutes. En apprenant comment vendre vos talents d'orateur vous allez prendre confiance en vous même.


Vous allez apprendre tous les éléments qu’il vous faudra pour présenter un bon dossier d’inscription. C'est une étape essentiel qui prend un peu de temps la première fois mais que vous pouvez ensuite mettre en ligne et enrichir pour vos candidatures suivantes.


La transmission du savoir et les ateliers basé sur votre expertise unique sont un atout professionnel très recherché sur le marché du travail. Comme d’habitude, Toastmasters est un bon entraînement, et vous pouvez ensuite utiliser ce dossier pour postuler aux ateliers dans d’autres conférences ou sur votre lieu de travail.


« Une des clés du succès est la confiance en soi. Une des clés de la confiance en soi est la préparation. » Arthur Ashe, joueur de tennis


Salle/Room Forum,
Paroisse Saint-Eloi 
3 place Maurice de Fontenay
75012 Paris
Metro 8
Bus 46: Montgallet



What is included in the registration costs?

Your conference registration and payment includes:

  • International Speech and Evaluation contests in English and French
  • Workshop to tone up your speaking skills
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon Coffee with snacks
  • Meeting with other great Toastmasters

How can I pay the conference fees?

You can pay online using credit card by registering b clicking the Register NOW button. Checks, cash or wire transfer can NOT be accepted as methods of payment.

Can I attend a part of the conference?

Participants are encouraged to attend the full conference. However if  you are unable to, you may choose to attend a particular section.
In that case, please inform us about your plans prior to coming to the event.
Please note that the registration fee must be paid in full and no partial reimbursement of the registration fees can be made.

I have a specific question which is not addressed here. Who can help me?

You can use our contact us form to send us your query. You can also send your queries at divisionaconfparis@gmail.com