A Typical Meeting

  • Starting at 7 pm members and guests gather for mingling and an aperitif.
  • At 7:29 pm the President or the Toastmaster of the Evening gavels the meeting to order, greets the guests introduces the evening's program.
  • A "Toast of the Evening" is delivered.
  • The Grammarian chooses a "word of the evening" challenging all speakers to use it during the meeting.
  • The Table Topics Master announces a theme and calls on willing volunteers to give short impromptu talks. 
  • The Toastmaster of the Evening introduces speakers to deliver their prepared speeches.
  • Evaluators provide feedback for each speech, followed by reports from stumble catcher, grammarian and timer.
  • The General Evaluator comments on the entire evening's meeting.
  • The Toastmaster of the Evening thanks the guests for any comments, reports on any events or club business and closes the meeting.
  • There is a break for dinner between the speeches and the evaluation session. This is a good time to get to know club members.


A few logistic pointers:
Speech Masters role assignments are distributed among our club's members so that each individual member has an opportunity to test out his/her abilities on a regular basis.  Team discipline is a MUST, but each person can develop and present his/her particular talents.

The Toastmaster of the Evening checks with the Vice Pres.Education (VPE) to formulate the program.
The Table Topics Master prepares topics aimed at members without a role.
The General Evaluator checks with the VPE to allocate ‘evaluator’ to ‘speaker’ plus organize the ‘technical team’ (grammarian, ah-counter and timer).
Evaluators contact their speaker to obtain  details and speech objectives.
Speakers, well before the meeting, contact the VPE and TM of the evening with Speech details. On the day of their speech, they give their Speech Manual to their evaluator so that he can fill it out and sign it.