Joining our Paris Speech Masters will help you develop the skills you need to become a better public speaker, communicator and leader. 

You don't have any experience about public speaking. Don't worry about it. Our experienced memebers were like you. But they developed their skills and give very high quality speeches that we all can learn from and once a member you will find yourself critiquing professional speakers against members from the club. 

First you enquire via our website about the club and meetings and come to a meeting and observe how it works. You can visit our Paris Speech Master Club another 1 or 2 times and get feeling that the club is the right environment for you. If you find that it's the right place, you follow the following process before becoming members. 









Annual Dues

You choose your category each year, which is from early September to early July. Discounted rates are available from April to June each year.


Check our annual dues visiting this on-line document


Benefits to become a member

You get to speak! You improve your speaking skills by preparing a series of speaking assignments, each focusing on one aspect of public speaking: structure, getting to the point, body language, vocal variety, using visuals aids, etc. You advance at your own pace, one step at a time. After completion, you can move further by choosing from different advanced manuals.


You receive constructive feedback in three ways. Each speech is evaluated by an assigned evaluator using specific Toastmasters evaluation techniques: first, strong points, then, points to improve. You also receive a written evaluation notes from all participants. In our club, most speeches are video-filmed, and you can have a copy to see what went well and what you need to work on.


You can visit any TM club anywhere in the world when you travel -- be it to Toulouse, Tokyo, LondonMunich, or Riga.


You can get involved in running the club and serving as a Club Officer.


If you have competitive spirit, you can compete in Club Contests, Area Contests, Division Contests and even become the World Champion of Public Speaking,  like  LaShunda Rundles,  about whom a film is made, and Darren Lacroix, who turned his skill into a business. They both were guests of Paris Speech Masters.