Paris Speech Masters, a member of Toastmasters International, is an English-speaking club supporting people who want to become great communicators. You do not need to be a native speaker to join us. Our members come from different countries and speak with different accents. 

Our motto:   Where Good Speakers Become GREAT!!


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We meet every other Monday from 7:15pm to 9:30pm


Paris Speech Masters 2018

 Monday 10 September 

First meeting of the new year 2018-2019 with a renewed Club of Officers. Meet us then!




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We gather at 7-7:15pm for our meeting to socialize and have dinner. Our meeting starts promptly at 7:29pm, with a 25 minute break in the middle. The educational session consists of Table Topics (short improvised speeches delivered impromptu by daring volunteers for the amusement of the audience!), short Prepared Speeches and Evaluations. There are also Jokes and Tips of the Day, etc.

Paris Speech Masters is for people who want to improve their public speaking skills. Have you ever suffered a "death by PowerPoint" presentation - or perhaps inflicted one yourself? Our club will help you connect more effectively with your audience. And our audiences always find our meetings fun, entertaining and educational.

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Address: Café Bords de Seine, 1 place du Châtelet , 75001 Paris


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Photos from our 5 Feb Club Meeting

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Message from Rose Marie Burke, the President of Paris Speech Masters 11 September 2017

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