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About us


Founded in 2011, Paris Speech Masters is an English speaking Toastmasters club based in Paris that brings together more than 30 members representing a dozen different nationalities. 

If you want to:​

Toastmaster Icons-02-01.png

Develop better Public Speaking and Presentation skills

Toastmaster Icons-03-01.png

Hone your Listening skills

Toastmaster Icons-01.png

Learn to think quickly and clearly on your feet

Toastmaster Icons-03-01-01.png

Have a great time while meeting new people

then you are in the right place!

The Toastmasters experience also promotes leadership, time management, team-building skills, and more!


At our English-speaking Toastmasters club meetings you will:

  • Learn to plan and conduct meetings

  • Present one- to two- minute impromptu speeches about assigned topics

  • Present prepared speeches using Toastmasters’ proven Communication and Leadership programs

  • Offer and receive constructive feedback regarding speech strengths and suggestions for improvement


Paris Speech Masters is part of Toastmasters International Region 10/ District 59/ Division A/ Area 4.

Learn more about the Toastmasters International organization


Our meetings take place every other Monday and starts at 19:14 sharp.

(Online or Face to face  or Hybrid)

The meetings are typically structured as follows:


The President or the Toastmaster of the Evening gavels the meeting to order, greets the guests introduces the evening's program.

A "Toast of the Evening" is delivered.​

The Grammarian chooses a "word of the evening" challenging all speakers to use it during the meeting.​

The Toastmaster of the Evening introduces speakers to deliver their prepared speeches.

The Table Topics Master announces a theme and calls on willing volunteers to give short impromptu talks. ​

There is a break for dinner between the speeches and the evaluation session. This is a good time to get to know club members.

Evaluators provide feedback for each speech, followed by reports from stumble catcher, grammarian and timer.

The General Evaluator comments on the entire evening's meeting.

The Toastmaster of the Evening thanks the guests for any comments, reports on any events or club business and closes the meeting.

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