Learn More About How Toastmasters is Organized

There are many resources on the web to tell you about how Toastmasters International is organized.

Here is a glimpse into the organization and how Paris Speech Masters fits into it. 



The MEMBER is the most important person in the Toastmasters International Organization. District 59 covers Europe and Africa and as of July 1st, 2015 has over 5000 members in more than 200 clubs. (Find a club near you.)



The CLUB is built upon the foundation of its members. It takes 20 members to charter a new club. Paris Speech Masters was charted in 2010. Under the direction and leadership of the Club's Executive Committee, members work together to meet specific goals within the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The DCP explained. 


The Club Executive Committee Officers include: 

        - President                                                                                     - Immediate Past President

        - Vice President Education                                                          - Vice President Membership

        - Vice President Public Relations                                               - Treasurer

        - Secretary                                                                                     - Sergeant At Arms 



CLUBS are grouped into AREAS consisting of 3 to 6 Clubs. An Area Director is appointed as a resource person and the Club’s principal contact with the District Director and with Toastmasters International (Find a Club).


Paris Speech Masters is in Area 4 of Division A along with three other clubs: Toastmasters La Défense, Toastmasters of Paris, and Toastmasters 75. These are all English-speaking clubs.



AREAS are organized into DIVISIONS with 4 to 6 Areas per Division.


A Division Director is elected or assigned to help coordinate the activities of the Area Directors and to provide educational opportunities that benefit all Clubs in the Division. 



DIVISIONS are grouped together to form DISTRICTS. There are 13 Divisions in District 59 (listed below). A District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director are elected by the Clubs to coordinate the Toastmasters International Program in the Divisions that comprise the District.


Each group of three to six clubs is taken care of by an Area Director who visits them and builds the bridge to the district. Three or more Areas can be grouped into a Division. A Division Director is the team leader for the Division's Area Directors. He/She reports to the District Director. You can see the structure and find other divisions, areas, and clubs on the District 59 website: http://www.district59.org/about-us/


Meet our District 59 Leaders here:



District 59 is composed of 13 Divisions:

  • Division A – Northern France, including Paris

  • Division B – Belgium, Luxembourg, Lorraine and Nord-Pas-de-Calais

  • Division C – Netherlands

  • Division D – Portugal

  • Division E – Switzerland

  • Division F – South of France

  • Division G – Italy

  • Division H – Spain

  • Division I – Switzerland

  • Division J – Switzerland

  • Division K – Spain

  • Division L – Portugal

  • Division M – Portugal



DISTRICTS are organized into groups called REGIONS,  the largest administrative grouping. Two people from a Region are elected  to sit on the Board of Toastmasters International. Region 11 is one of 14 Regions and is composed of 8 Districts.

Region 11 is composed of


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Toastmasters International are voluntary elected positions, headed up by a President, President-Elect, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Directors from the Regions and a Program Director. They work together to provide an educational program which is then administered by the other levels of the Toastmasters International organization.

To learn more about the Board of Directors:


Meet our current Board:


Toastmasters International World Headquarters 



World Headquarters has more than 140 professionals headed by the Chief Executive Officer. They oversee the daily operation of the organization, providing materials and assistance to Clubs and Districts.